Algo Trading Strategies

While we provide consultancy to code your trading vectors, trading ideas in software intelligence. We have our own in-house trading strategies which are backtested and tested on live markets.

  1. Index Futures (Nifty, Banknifty, Dow Jones, Nasdaq).
  2. Day trading strategy for Banknifty options.
  3. Spread trading strategy between NSE stocks and ADR stocks traded in the USA.
  4. Intra day trading strategy on SGX Nifty futures.
  5. Positional short-term trading strategy on NSE equities.
  6. Positional long-term investment strategy on NSE equities, portfolio creation, allocation to different sectors
  7. Evolving concept: Artificial intelligence-based trading and investment strategies.
  8. Evolving concept: Pattern based trading algorithms on forex, stocks futures.
  9. Custom backtesting software to simulate your trading ideas on historical data.
Tvisi Algo Systems LLP is now known as Trade Vectors LLP - X