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About US

Tvisi Algo Systems LLP is a young venture, located in MUMBAI, INDIA with prime focused on providing technical consultancy on algorithm trading and automated trading systems for Forex, Stocks / Equities, Stock Futures, Index Futures, Options, ETF, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies and more. Tvisi Algo Systems LLP is formed by enthused individuals with entrepreneurial mindset.

Our team qualification and experience :
Masters in computer science from University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA,
B.E. in computer science from Mumbai University, INDIA.
Experience with many trading platforms API, manual trading, automated trading, managing investor's portfolio.
Programming skills in C++, C#, .NET, JAVA, Python programming, SQL, MySQL, MATLAB and more.

We have our own in house trading strategies for Index Futures, ETF, Forex and USA Stocks and Indian Stocks.
We are trading live (100% auto trading) on NIFTY Index Futures through Interactive Brokers trading platform.
We are trading live (day trading) forex strategy for our clients on MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.
We are enhancing our options trading strategies and spread pair trading strategies on Indian stocks and Forex.

Our team has designed many custom trading systems, quant trading systems, forex trading systems, high frequency trading systems, backtest software and have implemented many strategies models for our clients.

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We provide assistance with quantitative modelling, quant strategies, forex strategies, equities analysis, backtest and research. Assist traders in optimizing their trading strategies, we can code your trading strategy or strategies on any trading platform API.

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